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Our First Post

As we are scrambling to get the store open, it has been an exhilarating time. It has been a very busy few weeks. We got our first pallet of Heuchera flats from a westcoast grower almost a month back and we have been repotting them. The earthy smell of the potting soil is every where. Will post some pics soon. The weather has been warming up here in the NewEngland area too and that has enabled us to move all the plants to an open area. Most of the potted ones have perked up and doing well. We got a few orders even before the store is fully open and it was great to see interest from fellow heuchera lovers.

What is currently holding us up from opening the store is the packaging solution that we have been working on. Sudesh has been working on it diligently and it should enable us to get the plants safely to customers. We got our first samples from the manufacturer and we had to make some minor adjustments. As soon as we have them, we plan to throw open the store.